Indiana Philosophical Association

Indiana Philosophical Association

Fall 2016 Meeting, 11-12 November
Prindle Institute for Ethics/Depauw University
Greencastle, Indiana

Keynote Speaker

Jason Stanley

Yale University

Meeting information is listed below the program.

Meeting Program
The program (with abstracts) is available as a pdf file here.
The meeting will be held at the Prindle Institute for Ethics on the Depauw University campus.

The program is still in need of commenters and session chairs. To volunteer to comment on a paper or chair a session marked 'OPEN,' contact Prof. Charlene Elsby at .
S = Speaker; C = Commenter

Session A
Session B
11 Nov
11:45-12 Welcome
Business and Ethics
Chair: Levi Tenen
Goods of all Sorts
Chair: Rob Luzecky
12-12:55 "Business Ethics and the Integrity of Philosophy"
S: Daniel F. Hartner (Rose-Hulman Institute)
C: Josh Crabill (Univ of Indianapolis)
"Atrocious Harms and Transmuted Goods: A Love Story"
S: Jill Hernandez (Univ of Texas-San Antonio)
C: Nick Louzon (IUPUI)
1-1:55 "Leaders' Moral Responsibility for Followers' Acts: Trump and Abortion Clinic Bombings"
S: Eugene Schlossberger (Purdue Northwest)
C: Timothy Kirschenheiter (Wayne State)
"Immortality, Boredom and the Beatific Vision"
S: Rory Goggins (Murray State Univ)
C: Calista Lam (Purdue Univ)
1:55-2:15 Break with Refreshments
Ethics and Animals
Chair: David Fischer
Chair: Rory Goggins
2:15-3:10 "The Real Reason Kant Provides the 'Wrong Kind of Reason' for Valuing Animals"
S: Levi Tenen (Indiana Univ)
C: Brandon Rdzak (Purdue Univ)
"From Emergent Properties to Emergent Subject: A Neuroscientific Case"
S: Eric LaRock (Oakland Univ)
C: William Hasker (Huntington Univ)
3:15-4:10 "Nonhuman Animals Acting for Moral Reasons"
S: Asia Ferrin (Kansas State Univ)
C: Daniel F. Hartner (Rose-Hulman Institute)
"We Don't Count by Functional Almost-Identity"
S: Evan T. Woods (Ohio State Univ)
C: Matt Carlson (Wabash College)
4:15-5:10 "Feeling and Inclination: Rationalizing the Animal Within"
S: Janelle De Witt (Indiana Univ)
C: Asia Ferrin (Kansas State Univ)
"Me and My Avatar: Player-Character as Fictional Proxy"
S: Matt Carlson and Logan Taylor (Wabash College)
C: Jordan Neidlinger (Franklin College)
5:10-5:20 Break
Keynote Address

"Hustle: Power and the Theory of Meaning"

Jason Stanley

Yale University
7:00 Dinner (to be arranged inforally after the sessions)
12 Nov
Session A
Session B
Special Session: Ancient Philosophy
Chair: Alida Liberman
Chair: David Antonini
9-9:55 "Can a Jury Have Justified Beliefs about the Incidents of a Case?"
S: Usha Nathan (Columbia Univ)
C: Jack Himelright (Notre Dame)
"Indirect Instrumentalism about Epistemic Rationality"
S: Corey Dethier (Notre Dame)
C: Nevin Climenhaga (Notre Dame)
10-10:55 "Xenophanes' Epistemology: Empiricist, Global Skeptic, or Both?"
S: Timothy Kirschenheiter (Wayne State)
C: Joshua Gulley (Purdue Univ)
"Belief, Credence, and Faith"
S: Liz Jackson (Notre Dame)
C: Hanna Sanko (Colorado State Univ)
11-11:55 "Systematic Ambiguity and Genuine Cosmology in Parmenides' Doxa"
S: Joshua Gulley (Purdue Univ)
C: Jeff Gower (Wabash College)
"'Wisdom' is Said in Many Ways"
S: Daniel Simpson (Saint Louis Univ)
C: Jonathan Maci (Ivy Tech-Indianapolis)
12-1:45 Lunch Break and Business Meeting
1:45-2 Student Awards Presentation
Special Session: Social and Political Philosophy
Chair: Usha Nathan
Language and Representation
Chair: OPEN
2-2:55 "Disability, Sex Rights, and the Scope of Sexual Exclusion"
S: Alida Liberman (Univ of Indianapolis)
C: Jill Hernandez (Univ of Texas at San Antonio)
"Roman Ingarden's Concept of Ideal Meaning"
S: Rob Luzecky (IPFW)
C: Evan T. Woods Ohio State Univ)
3-3:55 "Hannah Arendt's Theory of Judgment Reconsidered"
S: David Antonini (Southern Illinois U Carbondale)
C: Peter Owens (Loyola Marymount Univ)
"A Conflict between van Inwagen's Ontology and his Metaontology"
S: David Fisher (Indiana Univ)
C: Liz Jackson (Notre Dame)
4-4:55 "Statues or Bodies? Michel Serres and Human Rights Discourse"
S: Peter Owens (Loyola Marymount Univ)
C: John Ahrens (Hanover College)
"Why We Should Explain Exemplification Rather Than Representation (and How to Do So)"
S: Jack Himelright (Notre Dame)
C: Peter Coss (Purdue Univ)

Meeting Information

Conference Registration.
The registration fee for the conference is $20 (or $10 for graduate students). Fees may be paid by cash or personal check at the conference. (Sorry, neither credit card payment nor advanced registration is available.)

Lodging Information.
A block of rooms is reserved for conference participants at the Holiday Inn Express in Cloverdale, which is a fifteen minute drive from the meeting site. Its address is 1017 N. Main St., Cloverdale, IN 46120. Use the code "DPC" to get the conference rate. The hotel will hold rooms in our block until October 14. Be advised that there is a home game that weekend.

Driving Directions.
The meetings will take place at Prindle Institute for Ethcis. View Google Maps directions between the Holiday Inn Express and the Prindle Institute here. The map also identifies places to eat in Greencastle.

Parking is free on campus.

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