Historical Research and Writing

Historical Reading and Research

"On Marginalia" - a notetaking strategy for getting the most out of the time you spend reading difficult texts

Hanover Historical Texts Project - primary sources useful for humanities classes, digitized by Hanover students and faculty

Documents on the History of Hanover College - primary sources from Hanover's past that the department makes available to the public, focusing especially on material from the college archives

Databases Useful for Historians - an overview of online sources for primary and secondary sources and related databases

Writing History Papers

Academic Writing - basic elements of an analytical paper of any variety

Hanover College History Department, Style Sheet for Chicago Manual Footnotes - our popular guide to making footnotes according to The Chicago Manual of Style

Hanover College "Use of Source Materials" (on avoiding plagiarism)

Writing Manuals, Guides, and Resources - links to sites dealing with writing, from essays on writing to grammar guides to Writing Centers

See also

Hanover Historical Review - a journal of student scholarship

Last updated: Sept. 1, 2014