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Visual Communication 242

Introduction to the fundamental concepts and principles of audio and video message design. Emphasis on development of visual literacy, understanding of theories of visual perceptions and critical analysis of media messages. Students produce a short film or music video for final projects:

Video Production 243

Introduction to the principles and practice of video production. Includesmethods of program design and management, with emphasis on aesthetics. Course projects include commercials, short films and informational pieces. These Career Center spots were created from scripts written by Com 246 students:

343 Multimedia Journalism

Students produce their own television newscasts while also studying the standards, developments and issues related to electronic news gathering and distribution in society:

Electronic Media 246

Course Involves extensive practice in writing for television, radio, and the internet with an and emphasis on creating meaning throug the interaction of sounds, images and graphics with copy. Watch some advertisements written by this class under Video Production 343 above.

Documentary Production 345

Communication students travel around the world producing documentaries that are seen on our cable channel and Youtube channels, on Public Television and at Film Festivals.